A C++ library mirroring some of the most common Matlab functions.
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point.h File Reference
#include "mcltypes.h"

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class  mcl::Triplet


namespace  mcl


typedef Triplet mcl::Point


Point mcl::RotateAboutX (const Point &, Real) noexcept
Point mcl::RotateAboutY (const Point &, Real) noexcept
Point mcl::RotateAboutZ (const Point &, Real) noexcept
Point mcl::Rotate (const Point &, Real phi, Real theta, Real psi) noexcept
Real mcl::DotProduct (Point, Point) noexcept
Real mcl::Distance (Point, Point) noexcept
Real mcl::Theta (Point, Point) noexcept
Real mcl::Phi (Point, Point) noexcept
Real mcl::AngleBetweenDirections (Real theta_a, Real phi_a, Real theta_b, Real phi_b) noexcept
Real mcl::AngleBetweenPoints (Point, Point) noexcept
Point mcl::PointOnLine (const Point point_a, const Point point_b, const Real distance) noexcept
Point mcl::Sum (const Point point_a, const Point point_b) noexcept
Point mcl::Subtract (const Point point_a, const Point point_b) noexcept
Point mcl::Multiply (const Point point, const Real constant) noexcept
Point mcl::PointSpherical (Real r, Real theta, Real phi) noexcept
Point mcl::Projection (const Point &vector, const Point &plane_normal_vector) noexcept
Point mcl::Normalized (Point point) noexcept
Point mcl::IntersectionPlaneLine (const Point &line_point, const Point &line_direction, const Point &plane_point, const Point &plane_normal) noexcept
bool mcl::IntersectionPlaneLineExists (const Point &line_point, const Point &line_direction, const Point &plane_point, const Point &plane_normal) noexcept
bool mcl::PointTest ()