A C++ library mirroring some of the most common Matlab functions.
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comparisonop.h File Reference
#include "mcltypes.h"
#include "quaternion.h"
#include <vector>

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namespace  mcl


#define VERY_SMALL   (0.0001f)


bool mcl::IsEqual (Real num_a, Real num_b, Real precision=VERY_SMALL)
bool mcl::IsEqual (Complex num_a, Complex num_b, Real precision=VERY_SMALL)
bool mcl::IsSmallerOrEqual (const Real num_a, const Real num_b, const Real precision=VERY_SMALL)
bool mcl::IsLargerOrEqual (const Real num_a, const Real num_b, const Real precision=VERY_SMALL)
bool mcl::AreAllSmallerOrEqual (const std::vector< Real > &vector_a, const std::vector< Real > &vector_b)
template<class T >
bool mcl::IsEqual (const std::vector< T > &vector_a, const std::vector< T > &vector_b, Real precision=VERY_SMALL) noexcept
bool mcl::IsEqual (const std::vector< Int > &vector_a, const std::vector< Int > &vector_b)
bool mcl::IsEqual (const Quaternion &quaternion_a, const Quaternion &quaternion_b)
bool mcl::IsEqual (const Point &point_a, const Point &point_b, const Real precision=VERY_SMALL)
bool mcl::IsEqual (std::vector< Point > points_a, std::vector< Point > points_b)
bool mcl::IsEqual (const Real *input_data_a, const Real *input_data_b, const Int num_samples, Real precision=VERY_SMALL)
bool mcl::IsEqual (const Real *input_data_a, const std::vector< Real > input_data_b, Real precision=VERY_SMALL)
bool mcl::IsEqual (const std::vector< Real > input_data_b, const Real *input_data_a, Real precision=VERY_SMALL)
bool mcl::IsNan (Real num)
std::vector< bool > mcl::IsNan (std::vector< Real > input)
std::vector< bool > mcl::Not (std::vector< bool > input)
bool mcl::All (std::vector< bool > input)
bool mcl::Any (std::vector< bool > input)
bool mcl::None (std::vector< bool > input)
bool mcl::IsInf (Real num)
std::vector< bool > mcl::IsInf (std::vector< Real > input)
bool mcl::ComparisonOpTest ()

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#define VERY_SMALL   (0.0001f)