A C++ library mirroring some of the most common Matlab functions.
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kiss_fft.h File Reference
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <math.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <config.h>
#include <malloc/malloc.h>

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struct  kiss_fft_cpx


#define KISS_FFT_MALLOC   malloc
#define KISS_FFT_FREE   free
#define kiss_fft_scalar   float
#define kiss_fft_free   free
#define kiss_fftr_next_fast_size_real(n)   (kiss_fft_next_fast_size( ((n)+1)>>1)<<1)


typedef struct kiss_fft_statekiss_fft_cfg


kiss_fft_cfg kiss_fft_alloc (int nfft, int inverse_fft, void *mem, size_t *lenmem)
void kiss_fft (kiss_fft_cfg cfg, const kiss_fft_cpx *fin, kiss_fft_cpx *fout)
void kiss_fft_stride (kiss_fft_cfg cfg, const kiss_fft_cpx *fin, kiss_fft_cpx *fout, int fin_stride)
void kiss_fft_cleanup (void)
int kiss_fft_next_fast_size (int n)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define KISS_FFT_FREE   free
#define kiss_fft_free   free
#define KISS_FFT_MALLOC   malloc
#define kiss_fft_scalar   float
#define kiss_fftr_next_fast_size_real (   n)    (kiss_fft_next_fast_size( ((n)+1)>>1)<<1)

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct kiss_fft_state* kiss_fft_cfg

Function Documentation

void kiss_fft ( kiss_fft_cfg  cfg,
const kiss_fft_cpx fin,
kiss_fft_cpx fout 
kiss_fft_cfg kiss_fft_alloc ( int  nfft,
int  inverse_fft,
void *  mem,
size_t *  lenmem 
void kiss_fft_cleanup ( void  )
int kiss_fft_next_fast_size ( int  n)
void kiss_fft_stride ( kiss_fft_cfg  cfg,
const kiss_fft_cpx fin,
kiss_fft_cpx fout,
int  fin_stride