A C++ library mirroring some of the most common Matlab functions.
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quaternion.h File Reference
#include "mcltypes.h"
#include "point.h"
#include "constants.h"
#include <cassert>

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struct  mcl::AxAng
class  mcl::Quaternion


namespace  mcl


enum  mcl::EulerOrder {
  mcl::zxz, mcl::xyx, mcl::yzy, mcl::zyz,
  mcl::xzx, mcl::yxy, mcl::xyz, mcl::yzx,
  mcl::zxy, mcl::xzy, mcl::zyx, mcl::yxz


Quaternion mcl::AxAng2Quat (const Real x, const Real y, const Real z, const Real angle) noexcept
AxAng mcl::Quat2AxAng (const Quaternion &q) noexcept
Quaternion mcl::QuatConj (const Quaternion &q) noexcept
Real mcl::Norm (const Quaternion &q) noexcept
Point mcl::QuatRotate (const Quaternion &q, const Point &r, const Handedness handedness=kRightHanded) noexcept
Quaternion mcl::QuatMultiply (const Quaternion &q, const Quaternion &r) noexcept
Quaternion mcl::Eul2Quat (const Real angle_1, const Real angle_2, const Real angle_3, const EulerOrder order=zyx) noexcept
Real mcl::Quat2EulX (const Quaternion q, const EulerOrder order=zyx) noexcept
Real mcl::Quat2EulY (const Quaternion q, const EulerOrder order=zyx) noexcept
Real mcl::Quat2EulZ (const Quaternion q, const EulerOrder order=zyx) noexcept
Quaternion mcl::QuatInverse (const Quaternion q) noexcept